4 Customer Survey Effective Practices (Part 2 — Make People Feel Special)

You do your best to satisfy your customers every single day. Customer feedback is the backbone of any small business. It helps you to update your products and services to better solve problems or fulfill the needs of your customers.

Make People Feel Special

I have read somewhere that “customer service is the new marketing”. This could not be truer. Your survey opens up a conversation allowing you to develop a better relationship with your customers. It gives you a channel to solicit authentic feedback from your customers. So you get actionable insights to improve your customer experience. People will feel appreciated. They will feel you care about their opinion regarding the product or service. So how to ask for customer feedback the right way?

Timing Is Everything

We tend to return the favor if someone does something for us. This is psychologically rooted in empathy. And it can be applied to the timing of your surveys. Do them as soon as you have helped your customers do something — they have been onboarded, they have just made a purchase, or right after delivery. Or ask for feedback while they are actively using your product or service. People will feel compelled to do something — such as taking your survey — in return. So ask them what you would like to know while it is fresh in their minds.

Digital Entry Pass

Let’s say you organize the XYZ Event and you provide attendees with digital entry passes for the mobile wallet. Those are simple, seamless, and fast. And let’s say you want to get feedback from people after your event.

So after your event, you can update your digital entry pass to include a clickable link to your survey on the backside. It will allow people to open your survey with just one click. Let people know if and why they have been specially selected to take the survey. I guess people previously agreed to or expressed interest in taking your surveys by accepting your general terms and conditions. So you might want to remind them with something like: “As an attendee to the XYZ Event today, you have been selected to participate in our attendee satisfaction survey.”.

You should not forget to explain the purpose of the survey. Tell people how you will use the results and how the answers will help you to improve. Encourage people to take the survey now. If they don’t have time to take it immediately, they can decide to take it later — but you should mention the time needed to participate. Let people know how long the survey takes to complete upfront. So they can set aside enough time to take it. And announce the incentives for taking the survey.

Updating your digital entry pass, send a push notification to all attendees who have added it into their mobile wallet. Push notifications are messages that pop up as a banner on a lock screen of a mobile phone. Ask attendees for their feedback using a clear language. People will more likely open your survey invitation if the message includes your name and if the purpose is identified. Something like: “XYZ Event values your input.”, “XYZ Event needs your feedback.” or “Participate in XYZ Event visitor satisfaction survey.”.

Once people complete your survey, you can update the digital entry pass again. This time you might want to change it for instance to a €10 digital voucher that can be used for your next event.

Originally published at https://becomedigital.life on May 26, 2020.



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