4 Customer Survey Effective Practices (Part 4 — Keep It Short)

Think about the last time you sat around and excitedly answered a 30-minute questionnaire. I don’t think it has ever happened. Surveys are the bread and butter of getting feedback. If you want to get quality answers from your customers, it is critical to ask only a few key questions. Keep your surveys short and relevant.

Keep It Short

You should definitely keep your surveys to 5 questions. Ask only the ones that you will really use. Every question should serve a well-defined purpose and should have a strong case for being included. And ask very specific questions. You will get vague answers when asking vague questions — if people answer at all. Your questions should be tailored to the product or service that you offer. Asking the right questions is the trick to getting honest and useful feedback. You might even want to go micro surveys asking one question at a time.

Respect your customers’ time as they do you a favor by giving you feedback. Tell your customers how much time they need to block out to complete the survey upfront. But remember, people will be willing to spend 5 minutes on your survey at most. Approaching customers for feedback respecting their time makes the difference.

Digital Subscription Card

Bloggers writing stories about various topics might want to take their blog’s whole subscription process down to just two clicks. The digital subscription card can help with that. People can easily add it to their mobile wallets such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay where the subscription card will then live. Just like digital boarding passes, digital discount coupons, or your debit and credit cards. Clickable links on the backside allow readers to open the most recent article, to go straight to the blog home page, and much more.

Want some feedback? Update your digital subscription card to include a clickable link to your survey on the backside. It will allow people to open the survey with just one click conveniently directly from the mobile phone. Doing so, send a push notification to all your readers who have added it into their mobile wallet.

Tell them you want to know what they think. Emphasize the fact that you value their opinions, and explain how their feedback will directly impact your blog they read. Ask them for a favor — for a response to your questions. The chances that they will take your survey are much greater than if you send them an email.

The mother of all questions you should ask to open the survey is whether your readers are likely to recommend your blog for reading to a friend or colleague. And add a few other open-ended questions around your readers’ experience with your blog. Such questions give your readers the freedom to answer in their own words. And they help you learn about your readers’ needs you didn’t know existed.

Originally published at https://becomedigital.life on June 8, 2020.



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Ladislav Poledna

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