Digital Tickets Offer The Best Experience

Ladislav Poledna
4 min readMay 17, 2021

More and more people prefer spending using mobile wallets instead of cash or plastic. The desire for contactless payments is turning out to be a surging tide and all mobile wallets — with Apple Pay substantially ahead of the pack — are benefiting from this trend.

You might think that mobile wallets are just about payments. But they can work for you as a new and powerful marketing and loyalty platform. Why? Mobile wallets allow you to show up on your customers’ lock screen with push notifications. So you can connect with people through their personal devices. Mobile wallets — Apple Wallet and Google Pay — are secure, organized folders that allow people to store, view, and manage their payment cards and much more. Digital content like boarding passes, loyalty cards, coupons, ID cards, public transport passes … you name it. Including digital event tickets.

Digital Event Tickets

The integration of your event tickets with visitors’ mobile wallets is the newest form of electronic ticketing. It enhances your customers’ experience and fosters more personalized engagement. It also simplifies the entire distribution into just downloading a digital event ticket directly to a mobile phone through a link. No printing fees, no shipping fees, no transfer fees. And no need to download another app.

Your digital event tickets will become a new communication channel for your event with brilliant messages in the exact moments visitors need them. You can bridge with them the gap between real-world and online customer experiences. Provide people with personalized news, exclusive content, and other important notifications, updates, alerts, and confirmations directly to their lock screen.

Digital event tickets are dynamic with clickable links on the backside. They allow — in a convenient way directly from a mobile phone — for viewing and downloading information you want your visitors to have at their fingertips. Event highlights or guides, for instance. You can update them at any time to keep the information always relevant and up to date. You might offer a new business opportunity to your partners and sponsors promoting them among all your visitors.

Digital event tickets remove the hassle of paper tickets as well as touching staff working at the checkpoints, and allow visitors to seamlessly and securely enter. Upon arriving at your event, the mobile wallet already offers the right ticket on the lock screen of the mobile phone. People can just tap and show or scan.

The mobile wallet technology makes physical tickets outdated, unnecessary, and boring. And you don’t have to give up a lot of your data in favor of third-party ticketing platforms for nothing in return.

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