Mobile Wallets Create The Perfect Opportunity For Small Business

Ladislav Poledna
4 min readJun 7, 2021

2020 has changed so much about the way we live and work including our shopping and payment preferences and habits. The e-commerce surge that has accompanied the pandemic has created a growing preference for mobile payments. The shift to mobile payments offering people a secure, fast and simple checkout process is only going to accelerate. Small businesses can reach customers on mobile phones that are glued to their hands all day long. Mobile wallets such as Apple Wallet and Google Pay are the center point for a richer customer experience.

Mobile wallets allow small businesses to reimagine loyalty programs in a convenient digital format that native to peoples’ mobile phones. People, in general, would more likely to shop with a business that recognizes long-term loyalty. So a simple and readily available digital rewards program is a must-have part of small business marketing. Technology and customer expectations are evolving at a rapid pace. People will reward you for using mobile wallet technology to offer personalized experiences. Billions have Apple Wallet and Google Pay on their mobile phones and use them every day. People don’t have to download anything else to use your next-level digital loyalty programs.

Real-Time Push Notifications

People check their mobile phones well over a hundred times every day. That is about every ten minutes if I am counting well. Push notifications are a communication channel built into mobile apps including mobile wallets. Push notifications are delivered near-instantly and boast one of the best open rates. And not only that. Push notifications allow you to reach your customers at any moment of the day. Without relying on them checking for an email or browsing social media. Their lock screen is a direct line that is available almost 24/7.

Push notifications are a must-have component to any communication strategy of a small business. They are cost-effective, scalable, and outright effective. However, it requires from you some care in knowing when to reach out, and how frequently you do so. The timing of your push notification is more important compared to email. You should design them to aid and assist and to be useful and digestible at a glance. They are also immediately alerting your customer so you don’t want to be overloading people with exposure to your business. You should make sure your push notifications are both short and meaningful.

Location-Based Messages

The built-in geopositioning system on mobile phones allows people for sharing precise location. The system yields a set of geographic coordinates to determine the geographic position of an individual turning it in a meaningful location, such as a street address. With consent, this feature allows businesses to assist their customers with efficiency and accuracy. Knowing a customer’s precise physical location in real time helps you to align time and place to offer solutions.

You can build and run a smart and simple loyalty program in a very cost-efficient manner with digital stamp cards for mobile wallets. And without a need to download any additional mobile app by your customers. You can also offer a much better customer experience with digital tickets. Getting the right message at the right time to the right people can do miracles for you. The relevant digital stamp cards or tickets are offered on the lock screen of the mobile phone by the mobile wallet upon arriving at pre-defined places. Together with location-specific messages ﹣ allowing your customers to access exclusive offers based on their location.

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