Shopping Is Fun. With Mobile Wallet Even Bigger.

Shopping is fun. While navigating these uncertain times, you should keep that so. Everyone likes meaningful coupons and advantages. Or a customer card that makes a difference. However, the way people consume content has fundamentally changed.

We live in fast and furious times. No matter if you are a grocery at the corner or a downtown shop. You need to continue evolving and innovating to keep customers engaged over time. Customer loyalty is the key to your future success.

How small businesses can keep up? How can you keep connected with people? Whether you try to drive store traffic or generate online sales you should leverage the power of mobile marketing. Connect with people on their mobile phones where they basically live and become the go-to store around town.

Loyalty Is The Key

Developing a mobile app for it doesn’t pay off. Moreover, five out of ten of app users abandon an app after the first day. Why don’t you offer people a digital loyalty, rewards, or bonus card for mobile wallets? People can collect valuable points. And they will never forget it at home as it lives on their mobile phones.

Another mobile marketing tactics to boost connections with people can be a customer club. People pay a membership fee in exchange for enhanced rewards that they can use upon joining. There is no need to earn points in exchange for discounts eventually. Typical transactional benefits can include exclusive offers, instant discounts, cashback, or free delivery. And to take it a step further, you can offer people a digital customer card for mobile wallets. It identifies a person as a member or participant in your loyalty program. And people have it on hand anytime.

Carrefour announced lately to be the first European retailer combining its loyalty program with Apple Pay by integrating it within Apple Wallet. Carrefour customers in France can go totally contactless now by adding their loyalty card to their Apple Wallet so that they can pay with their iPhone or Apple Watch and at the same time use the loyalty program.

Mobile Coupons Rule

Retailers use coupons in various ways such as to attract new customers, to keep existing customers engaged, to introduce products and services, to reward past purchases for more than a century. And people respond to coupons. I like good deals, too. But what matters is how I receive that deal. I only respond when coupons are delivered through my preferred channel and when they are easy to access and use. A vast majority of people favor receiving a mobile coupon rather than a hands-and-scissors job with a paper coupon. Just like me.

I find mobile coupons to be very valuable and easy to use. I don’t have to remember them and have them readily available when they might have been used. Discount coupons or vouchers for mobile wallets are also great for communicating your deals, promotions, and discounts. They can even help people navigate to your shop, or enable them to provide feedback to you. For certain offers, you might prefer a generic coupon inspiring people to spread the word and share it with their friends. And for some other deals, you might want to distribute to your customers the individual single-use coupons that people are not able to pass along or share with others.

Of course, beyond reaching your customers through mobile wallet push notifications, continue to be active on social media, keep boosting word-of-mouth marketing, run contests, and get involved in the local community.

Originally published at on August 10, 2020.



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