Why Should Marketing Agencies Offer Mobile Wallet?

Ladislav Poledna
4 min readMay 10, 2021

Mobile wallets are more than just a credit card alternative. It is no secret that people are moving towards mobile payments while using Apple Pay and Google Pay services. In a becoming-digital world, mobile phones are a convenience of everyday life, influencing people’s behaviors. You can help businesses to adapt to this mobile-centric market and the movement towards mobile wallets.

Think of mobile wallets as keys. They safely and securely provide access to almost anything online or in the real world. Mobile wallets offer convenience, security, and safety. Our mobile phones are with us constantly so it is just natural to store payment cards, loyalty cards, coupons, boarding passes, or event tickets there. By doing so, we can’t lose them or forget at home. Mobile wallets can unlock checkout pages, store points, or even literally student dorm rooms. They can start cars, and provide access to events, buses, planes, and loyalty rewards. This ability to use mobile phones to interact with the real world opens up endless opportunities for people and businesses.

Real Results, Instant Updates, Easy Distribution

But mobile wallets can also be a fantastic way for start-ups and small businesses to market to their customers. You can help them to offer digital experiences via mobile wallets so businesses can bypass the expenses of printing on paper or plastic. And there is no need for a mobile app. You can help businesses to use the ideal balance between easy acquisition and ongoing engagement. Focusing on delivering something people want — digital coupons, various digital loyalty cards, and digital tickets.

The real magic comes after digital content is saved to mobile wallets. It can be updated at any time — keeping information always relevant and up to date. It will become a new communication channel for businesses as they can send their customers push notifications with deals, promotions, and discounts, or exclusive content directly to their lock screens. People can also benefit from the contextual relevance of digital content in their mobile wallets. Digital loyalty cards, coupons, or tickets are offered on the lock screen of the mobile phone by the mobile wallet upon arriving at pre-defined places together with location-specific messages. Exactly when people need it.

Businesses can build and run a smart and simple loyalty program with a branded digital content that lives in customers’ mobile wallets. And you can help them focusing your efforts on giving them exactly what they want: real results, instant updates, and easy distribution.

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